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Puerto Rico Labor Laws

Did you realize that the Puerto Rico labor laws are different in many key ways than in the mainland US? They are substantially more labor-friendly than you might expect. If you own or are starting a Puerto Rico business and have employees in PR, it's very important to...

Puerto Rico Residency – Free Webinar

Puerto Rico Residency – Free Webinar

Click here to register for this important, free presentation on June 28, 2022 at 2:00pm Eastern time. Establishing legal, "bona-fide"residency is the first step in a successful strategy to take advantage of Puerto Rico's tax incentives. Maintaining it ongoing is also...

Bringing Your Pet to Puerto Rico

In general it is totally fine to bring your pet with you to Puerto Rico, either on vacation or when moving here permanently. There is no quarantine period required when bringing a pet to Puerto Rico. There are lots of grooming, veterinary, and other services for pets....

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Puerto Rico is a land of economic opportunity, endless beaches, a rich culture, and friendly people. The weather is amazing year-round, and Puerto Rico offers many beautiful and safe places to live. Let us help you discover the many benefits and joys that life in Puerto Rico has to offer!

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