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Puerto Rico Tax Breaks

A Unique Tax Savings Opportunity!

What if you could pay only 2-4% corporate income tax on all profits this year? With no personal income tax on business owner dividends? How about ZERO capital gains taxes? What would that do to your bottom line and your entire life?

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Our Services

Our first-class team of professionals has the knowledge, resources, and network to assist you with a wide range of services including formulating the right strategy for you, navigating Puerto Rico’s Act 60 application process, and extensive help relocating on both a business and personal level.

We understand and empathize with your needs to create a plan that’s right for you and thoroughly and effectively execute that plan, on the ground, in the midst of the confusing bureaucratic and practical complexities of Puerto Rico. We are here to help you navigate any and all of your business and relocation needs.

Tax Consulting

We help investors and business owners with their interest in Puerto Rico’s tax decrees. We can assist with business restructuring, entity formation, preparation and filling of tax decree documents, and much more. We can also assist you in presenting your application, and our team of bilingual process experts can ensure that any nuances of your situation are accurately and favorably represented.


Relocation Concierge

We have the knowledge and the network to assist your business and family with every step of the relocation process.  Our network can help you with accommodations and provide you with pre-arrival support for a smooth transition to your new home. We can help with all aspects of your transition into Puerto Rico’s culture and lifestyle. Our network of service providers will be available to help, every step of the way.


Business Management

We have experts in employment and team building, as well as ongoing management services. We have managed staffing processes, technology teams, payroll and accounting, hospitality and entertainment industry operations, and many other operational needs. We will provide you with a single point of contact who will guide you through, every step of the way.


Lower Your Taxes and Grow Your Business

Puerto Rico’s tax advantages and economic opportunities are second to none!  A Puerto Rico relocation could result in a very substantial decrease in both corporate and personal taxes.

For US citizens especially, becoming a resident of Puerto Rico could mean significantly reducing your tax burden. Because Puerto Rico is part of the US, there is no need to give up your citizenship to live here, and you can avoid double taxation.

While still subject to the laws of the US federal government, income made in US Territories such as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is only taxed by the local government, not the IRS. 

We Can Help

Our company helps people like you take advantage of Puerto Rico’s excellent tax incentives!  We can help you determine which tax incentives are right for you, help you plan your residency and relocation strategy, and simplify the entire process for you.

Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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