Bringing Your Pet to Puerto Rico

In general it is totally fine to bring your pet with you to Puerto Rico, either on vacation or when moving here permanently. There is no quarantine period required when bringing a pet to Puerto Rico.

There are lots of grooming, veterinary, and other services for pets. You’ll want to check with the place you will be staying to ensure they allow the type of pet you’d like to bring; is in the mainland, there may be an extra deposit required by some landlords.

Check this link for additional details on local government regulations around pets. It’s important to note that currently, you can’t bring any of the following dog breeds to Puerto Rico:
* All types of Staffordshire bull terrier, including American
* American Pit Bull terrier
* Hybrids produced by crossbreeding with the above breeds with others.

When traveling to Puerto Rico with your pet, if you have a small enough animal that you can bring it onboard a plane with you, the process is much simpler, apart from the required documents and carrying specifications.  However, if you have a larger animal that must ride in cargo, check individual airline regulations about this. Some airlines do not permit the transport of animals in cargo during certain months of the year, like the summer months, because of the exposure to extreme heat during such months.  If you do transport a larger animal in cargo you will need to go, with your own transportation, to a different location, upon arrival to pick up your animal.

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