Tech My School – Free Webinar

Tech My School – Free Webinar

Charity we recommend for Act 60 donations

Act 60 Investors (and many Act 22 Investors) are required to make annual donations to qualifying Puerto Rico non-profits. Our clients often ask if there are particular PR charities that we endorse, and after some consideration of many worthy non-profits, we are pleased to endorse Tech My School.

To find out more, please reach out to us with questions or click here to download the presentation. We will likely be scheduling more of these later this year.

Tech My School checks all of the boxes for us:

  • It meets the requirements for Act 60 and Act 22 donations.
  • Run by highly experienced educational experts, Tech My School has the potential to make a real difference for Puerto Rico schools, which is one of the best ways to improve the future of a community.
  • It already has a track record of success in Puerto Rico.
  • This charity offers full transparency, so you can really feel confident that your full donation is going toward the cause. It has no political agenda or affiliations but is only here to do good.

Puerto Rico Advantage is proud to recommend Tech My School.

Blockchain Unbound 2018 Interview with Damaris Rivera

Blockchain Unbound 2018 Interview with Damaris Rivera

Damaris Rivera from Puerto Rico Advantage interviewed with theCUBE at the Blockchain Unbound 2018 event.

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